Scandi offers a wide range of pastries with authentic Scandinavian recipes, soft "bready" texture and less fat

Get a taste of Scandinavian happiness!

We asked consumers in the UK, Poland, Belgium and Netherlands, what are the main reasons why they would buy Scandi Dough products. The answer was clear: it is an attractive novelty baked with an authentic and original Swedish recipe and it is less fatty. It is also easy to eat on the go, which is important for people who prefer to multitask. 

77% of the consumers say that they would like to buy a Scandi Dough product

A novelty from the mid-1700’s

Although the Swedish soft dough bun is a novelty product for many, it has its roots dating back several centuries. Somewhere around the mid-1700’s, bakers all over Northern Europe began developing doughy baked treats. In Sweden, bakers added spices to their dough brought by the Vikings from their travels and developed the very first prototype of a cinnamon roll. It is said that a pinch of Cardamom is the secret behind the original Scandinavian soft dough.

A pinch of Cardamom is the secret behind the original Scandinavian soft dough

The traditional Scandinavian soft dough buns are made with an authentic Swedish recipe: a perfectly soft and chewy cardamom dough, a buttery cinnamon-sugar filling, and twisted into cute little knots, buns, or rolls. The secret behind the delicious taste is the cardamom. And no wonder the Scandinavians use cardamom the second most in the world.

The texture of the soft dough buns is special: it is a bit bread-like, soft, light, and mellow.

A Cinnamon Scandi Bun contains 65% less fat than a Danish Crown and 55% less compared to a Donut

Delicious taste, joy of life and a bunch of other great features

You can get Scandi Dough products ready-baked or bake-off delicacies. Both ways are easy, fast, and cost-effective to serve. You save time, space, and money, and minimize food waste.

  •  It’s novelty and classic at the same time

  •  It’s easy to handle, fully baked or bake-off

  •  It stays fresh longer and causes less food waste

  •  It has less fat, but it is full of joy

  •  It’s perfect for on-the go

20 matching results

Cinnamon Scandi swirl 45x75 g

75 Net weight/volume
Sjokoladebolle 2

Chocolate bun 85g

85 Net weight/volume
Missing image

Salty caramel soft dough bun 120x90g SG

90 Net weight/volume
4959573 Kanelknute

Cinnamon knot preproved

120 Net weight/volume
Missing image

Shaped Cinnamon Swirl 55x100g SG

100 Net weight/volume
216484 _IMG_4123

SBS Cappuccino Filled soft dough bun 55x100g

100 Net weight/volume
5366430 Crumblebolle 95g

Soft dough apple-cinnamon bun with crumble topping

95 Net weight/volume
216491 _IMG_4130

Chocolate Filling soft dough bun 55x100g

100 Net weight/volume
5587589 Kanelknute stor 160g

Cinnamon bun 160g

160 Net weight/volume

Vaasan Cinnamon Swirl Soft dough bun 45x120g

120 Net weight/volume
5226790 Solskinnsbolle

Sunshine bun 100g

100 Net weight/volume
5226808 Skillingsbolle

Cinnamon swirl 100g

100 Net weight/volume
5443049 Rosinbolle mini deig + stekt

Raisin bun 40g

40 Net weight/volume
5443023 sjokoladebolle mini

Chocolate bun mini 40g

40 Net weight/volume

Raisin bun 85g

85 Net weight/volume
Hvetebolle 2

Wheat bun 85g

85 Net weight/volume
5226196 Luksus kanelsnurr

Luxury cinnamon swirl 120g

120 Net weight/volume
5443098 sjokoladebolle uten tilsatt sukker

Chocolate bun without added sugar 85g

85 Net weight/volume
400x340-5649330 hvetebolle mini stekt + deig

Wheat bun 40g

40 Net weight/volume
400x340-5706700 skolebrød med vaniljekrem

Vanilla bun 120g

120 Net weight/volume