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We launch more than 500 products in 20 markets annually!

Benefit from the most recent consumer demand. Our products are always on trend!

We have the network. The spotters. The researchers. And our own fingers on the pulse of the market. 

We have extensive innovation capabilities to turn every relevant trend into an interesting and valuable innovation and variation. So you can be sure we will pick and choose from the right, on-trend range.

Benefit from our network

We have people on the ground in 21 markets, and we combine local needs with the latest insights into global and regional trends. Working with more than 200 researchers and product developers to innovate our range.

Each year, we launch more than 500 on-trend products, new packaging and smarter processes to meet and exceed customer and consumer expectations.

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  • We introduced a successful range of oat and rye products that meets the demand for healthy fibres/wholegrain
  • The introduction of a range of stone-baked rustic loaves allows you to benefit from the trend towards high-quality, premium products.
  • Our latest planet-friendly packaging minimise CO2 footprint
  • Our latest product answering Street Food and on-the-go trends - Naanta: when Naan meets Pita
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