MEET NAANTA – The new street food inspired pocket bread.

Street food is fun and tasty, but sometimes messy. Well not anymore. Meet Naanta, an innovative pocket bread that offers completely new possibilities for street food – and your restaurant. It is the first zero drop bread in the street food market.

Meet NAANTA! Delicious taste, handy shape and guaranteed no drip for longer!

Naanta is inspired by the delicious taste and texture of a naan with the handy shape and flexibility of a pita. So much fun with one bite. So many possibilities. Crispy from outside, soft and fluffy from inside, makes Naanta a perfect choice for serving juicy delicious on the go dishes. With guaranteed no drip, no mess! That’s something customers value in the on-the-go snacks.

Get ready for another surprise:

Naanta has a unique triangular shape. That’s great for many reasons. First, the triangular shape allows an enticing and mouth-watering view of the filling, making it perfectly Instagrammable. Second, this shape makes product look visually more filled

- consumer sees more filling and feels more satisfied. And more filling means more happy customers.

Reasons why you and your customers
will fall in love with Naanta

Urban consumers live busy lives and meal-times are blurring. Snacking and on-the-go consumption is on the rise. That’s why consumers are constantly looking for new, fast and tasty eating out experiences that allow them to save time. They are interested in new on-the-go formats and experiences and won't compromise on taste and convenience. 

The street-food trend has raised the bar for culinary experiences at affordable prices and familiarized a generation of Millennials with high quality, ethnic-inspired foods. At the same time, consumers increasingly balance indulgence and nutrition and look for natural and healthier ingredients. 

We see a big opportunity for great tasting innovative quality products that can be eaten on the go without causing a mess. Without a bad conscience about diet. It is a big opportunity for products like Naanta. It is a big opportunity for your restaurant, as well.


How about preparation? Super easy! Just heat Naanta for 3-4 minutes in the oven at 200° (or 30-60 sec. in the microwave oven) before filling/serving. Can also work as thaw & serve. Naanta is easy to open and fill – the product is pre-cut/perforated.

Eating is easy too. Naanta is flexible and strong enough to avoid cracking or dripping and its triangle shape size makes it easy to hold and bite into. It also holds sticky food mixes and stews. The flavours rise to a new level when Naanta's soft and fluffy dough blends with the food and adds juiciness to any recipe. And yes, Naanta loves all fillings.


This is what consumers are looking for right now

PRAGMATISM = Convenience

People are looking for practical on-the-go products. Food must be easy, affordable and convenient.

33 % is eating more take away now than before the Covid-19 pandemic

HEDONISM = Enjoyment

People are looking for something extra to indulge themselves: handmade, premium, unique. Comforting Instagram-friendly food.

79 % of consumers are willing to pay more for handmade, artisanal products

IDEALISM = Doing right

People are looking for better ways to live and eat: healthy, sustainable, ethical. But food also has to taste good!

62 % of consumers say that they have healthy eating habits and they choose high-quality food

Global trends impacting bakery, Ipsos 2020