Burger Buns




Broad variety, high quality, premium taste! 


We offer a huge variety of high quality and healthy burger

buns to make sure every business, international or local, will

find the perfect buns. We produce three different types of

burger buns: Classic, Premium, Gourmet. But our main offer is

to get you delicious and also healthy burger buns to make your

menu even better.  


Our three categories

Cassic Buns

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Premium Buns

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Gourmet Buns

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What makes our Burger Buns stand out?

The Schulstad Bakery Solutions buns are produced to lift your customer’s burger experience and make your store stand out from the others. With the different types of burger buns, we give you the opportunity to balance out your menu with many options of low calorie burger buns with an outstanding flavor. On top of that our types of burger buns work with every single combination of toppings to make sure you can feel when creating your menu. 

How our healthy Burger Buns are made

Our healthy burger buns are made with high quality ingredients while being watched by professionals to make sure we make the best types of burger buns for you and your customers.

At Schulstad Bakery Solutions we thrive on a more healthier way of baking, that’s why we are increasing wholegrain and fiber as well as decreasing salt and producing more and more low calorie burger buns in general without comprising on taste.

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