FIKA: Take a break like a Swede!


Fika [fee-ka] is a Swedish word for coffee break with something small to eat. But in same time FIKA is more than a coffee break.

It’s a state of mind, a Scandinavian response to an overly busy rhythm of life.

Fika is a lifestyle that fits in perfectly with the global megatrend: the need to slow down.

Don’t hurry, be happy

Nowadays it feels that there is no time for a decent coffee break. Having a coffee does not really mean having a break anymore, it means “take away and keep going”. It’s even difficult to set our mind into a break mode. It requires a simple routine. And that’s why we really need to slow down and have a Swedish tradition, FIKA– a true break to enjoy some time alone or with friends or family and share a cup of coffee or tea and delicious soft dough bun. And just relax

Scandi products are baked with an authentic Swedish recipe with a touch of cardamom, joy and peace of mind

Discover authentic soft dough pastries

Few things you have to hear about Scandinavian happiness

Scandinavia is named as one of the happiest places in the world. It is also trending across the world because of high standards of living, beautiful functional and minimalistic designs, amusing nature and much more.

Watch video to discover why everyone wants to have a bite of it!

85% of people would like to take a break the Swedish way. And 91% want to taste Swedish soft dough buns after seeing a delicious picture of it.

Europe is more than ready for FIKA moment and Swedish soft dough bun. According to the consumer surveys*, for example in Poland 91 % of people say they like to taste Swedish soft dough buns after seeing only a delicious picture of it. And in Italy 90 % of people say same, as well in UK 85 %, in Netherlands 79 % and in Belgium 74 % of people. People are also very keen on the Swedish FIKA routine for slowing down and taking a break.

*The survey was conducted by Cambri cross five markets in 2020: Netherlands (N=301),
Belgium (N=300), Poland (N=303), Italy (N=300) and UK (N=301)

The traditional Scandinavian soft dough buns are made with authentic Swedish recipe: a perfectly soft and chewy cardamom dough, a buttery cinnamon-sugar filling, and twisted into cute little knots, buns, or rolls. If you want, you can get ready-baked delicacies from us that are easy, fast, and cost-effective to serve, because they do not require preparation, frying or even an oven, thawing is enough. You save time, space, and money, and minimize food waste. Safe to say, the Swedish soft dough bun is perfect for relaxing FIKA moments – also for the coffee shop personnel.

How to FIKA - three easy steps

FIKA is a way to stop at least once a day to enjoy a hot drink and some sweet,
especially traditional Scandinavian soft dough bun. Basically, there is no FIKA

without cinnamon buns and no cinnamon buns without FIKA.

Take a break like a Swede