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Reduce Food Waste

Forecasting fluctuating sales volumes. A large stock can cause wastage. 

Our solution: Bread fighting food waste

Our breads are frozen so it makes it easy to cut down on food waste. Keep a stock suitable for your storage space and product circulation. If you run out of ready-to-use bread, you can simply take out another batch to bake. A smart move for your finances and for the environment – and a really delicious solution! It's definitely also a plus that when baking the fresh batch, you also let the scent of freshly baked bread circulate in the air.

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Demands of Café life

Rush, rough treatment for selling items, take-away containers,simple manufacturing equipment, tight spaces. 

Our solution: High quality products

Café life makes high demands on bread. We have products that are specially designed to hold liquids and sauces, and stay good for a long time. Thanks to stone oven baking, our breads are crispy from the outside and soft from the inside. Many of our breads are pre cut, so they are easy to use and the need for a knife is minimized.

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Manage Energy Costs

Energy-consuming manufacturing methods, various devices.

Our solution: Fully or almost fully baked bread

We have products that don’t require additional energy as they don’t need to be baked again, just de-frosted. And if baked, it only takes a few minutes to heat – also speeds things up!

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Trade Up

Breads can add value to your business.

Our Solution: Better bread, better business

Better bread and better ingredients make better business. Good and good-looking bread can carry a premium experience – and a premium price. There are a few features that consumers are willing to pay more for: Stone oven baking, sourdough, high in fiber and source of protein. (source: InSides consulting –  Premium Bread Drivers, 08.2021: DK, SE, BE, NL, UK, FI, RO, NO). So by choosing our bread with those features you are adding a value to your own business as well. In addition to a higher product value, you can drive more traffic and build customer loyalty with bread by offering options for new occasions and a wide selection.

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Keeping it fresh

Short shelf life: drying out, getting soggy, wizened fillings. >

Our Solution: Good products and good tips

Once the sandwich is made and filled, it faces challenges in terms of both drying and moisture. We have taken this into account in our products, and offer tips to minimize unwanted structures. For example, you can achieve a lot just by what filling you put on the bottom and using vegetables that only release a little fluid, such as sweet pepper, spinach, bean shoots, artichoke or beets. In the other hand, crisp lettuce and herbs don't wilt too quickly. Many of our breads has a crispy crust and a soft interior, thanks to baking in a stone oven. It keeps the structure of the sandwich exactly as you intended.

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Sauces causing mess?

Our Naanta is baked to resist and hold sauces and juicy fillings. Perfectly convenient and no mess!

2nd day baked goods?

Cook the previous day's croissants and breads on the grill, making them delicious and profit instead of food waste!

Soggy bread?

Use cream cheese as the bottom layer in a sandwich. This seals the cut surface, keeping it fresh!

Bread sounds dull?

If there is anything special in the ingredients – seasonal, local, organic, aged, spicy – say it in your sandwich name!

Unsure about fillings?

Choose something creamy, something crispy and something chewy. Textures make wonders to the taste experience!