Explore Endless Opportunities Of Sandwiches!


71% say they appreciate filling breakfast sandwiches as both lunch and dinner.

Source: Technomic Sandwich Consumer Trend Report 2018

Convenience is the king and Take-away is here to stay. Grab and-go formats are highly valued. When on the go, it's important that food is easy to carry and eat mess-free, even with just one hand.

The rhythm of eating has also evolved. The old conventions do not apply to the dinner table anymore. Actually, the whole table has changed. Food should adapt to people's schedules and not the other way around. People enjoy different things at different stages of the day.

Breakfast all day, lunch at late noon, snacking more and at different times. Hot, cold, in various sizes... Sandwiches are the perfect response to all these trends.

Even if you offer a sandwich for different occasions, you don't need to have a large number of different breads in stock but different ways of using it create new touch points. The same type of bread can be used for different occasions by only changing the recipe a bit, for example by adding something more, or by changing the method from serving it cold to heating it in the oven.

All in all: Exploring sandwiches means new occasions, new customers, more traffic and new


53% consumers are prepared to pay more for a premium sandwich.
Source: Lantmännen Unibake survey 2019

51% say they would like to see more sandwiches with unique tastes and ingredients.
Source: Opeepl Analysis 2019

Premium is the reason to pay more. So, what is premium? You can go beyond the basics in several ways: by using top-notch premium ingredients, by incorporating flavors from around the world, by creating exciting new recipes with a fusion twist, and more.

Healthy options are becoming increasingly important to many, while some consumers prioritize taste and deliciousness. Sandwiches can easily transform into a convenient snack or meal for both groups by using fresh, high-quality ingredients and seasonings that elevate the overall taste experience. The bread itself can feature healthy and appealing elements like whole grains, fiber, and seeds. 

Many customers today are also curious about vegetarian and vegan options, with 41% seeking plant-based fillings and showing interest in plant-based alternatives (Source: Opeepl Analysis 2019). Experiment with new recipes and fillings, such as vegan proteins, yogurt-based sauces instead of mayonnaise, seasonal ingredients, and nutrient-packed vegetables.

Furthermore, an increasing number of people appreciate sustainably sourced ingredients, including organic or locally produced items. If you use these types of ingredients, be sure to communicate it. This can be the distinguishing factor between basic and premium in the consumer's perception!


60% say they would like to try tastes from other parts of the world.
Source: Puratos – Taste of tomorrow 2021

42 % say that they are more willing to try new sandwiches than other types of meals.
Source: Opeepl Analysis 2019

Breakfast from Europe, lunch from Asia, and dinner from South America, please! Or maybe a fusion from them all? 40% of millennials think that the sandwich selections served in cafés are too “samey”, and want more innovative tastes and unique ingredients (Source: Innova reports New Product Data base).

Even in uncertain times, our desire to experience and be inspired by new tastes remains, but it should also be budget-friendly. Sandwiches are a perfect solution to meet this need, and ethnic breads provide an easy way to explore new cuisines, both for the seller and the consumer.

A diverse range of flavors is on the rise, including exotic and ethnically inspired recipes. Mediterranean (featuring seafood and Italian flavors), Latin American (with Mexican and chimichurri influences), and especially Asian (highlighting masala, miso, and teriyaki) are the top ethnic cuisines currently. In fact, three out of five recently launched ethnic products incorporate Asian flavors (Source: Innova Reports New Product Database). 

Embark on a journey through international cuisines and infuse unique flavors into your sandwiches. Consider incorporating ingredients like spicy sriracha, tangy kimchi, fragrant curry, Mediterranean spices, or Mexican salsas to add an exciting twist.

Alternatively, blend elements from different culinary traditions to create fusions. For instance, merge Asian and Mexican flavors by adding teriyaki-glazed chicken with salsa and avocado, or combine Indian and American influences with tandoori-spiced proteins and creamy raita.

Keeping your menu fresh and exciting is essential to attract customers and encourage repeat visits!