SANDWICHES – your bread and butter

Sandwiches are trendier than ever before, and
there is simply no end to the opportunities for
variation using different breads and fillings.
Here are four clear trends in the world of sandwiches right now!

#1 Authentic ingredients

More than half of 18–34-year-olds say that health, sustainability and local ingredients are important factors in choosing their sandwich.

Therefore, it is essential to describe what the sandwich contains, state that the ingredients are free from additives and confirm that the bread is wholegrain.

*Source: Technomic Sandwich Consumer Trend Report 2018

#2 Plant-based

Many customers today are looking for alternatives to meat. Fully 41% want plant-based fillings.*

Try replacing meat with, for example, jackfruit, tempeh (soya product), falafel, tofu or Portobello mushrooms.

*Source: Opeepl Analysis 2019

#3 Tastes from around the world

51% of customers want more sandwiches with unique tastes and ingredients.

42% are more willing to try new sandwiches than other types of meal.* So dare to try out new taste combinations!

*Source: Opeepl Analysis 2019

#4 Sandwiches all day

People are snacking more and at different times. Sandwiches are the perfect response to this trend. Fully 71% say that they choose breakfast sandwiches as both lunch and dinner.*

So make sure to offer well-made, fresh and filling sandwiches all day long. Both hot and cold, and in various sizes.

* Source: Technomic Sandwich Consumer Trend Report 2018

Be unique! Create your own signature sandwich


40% of millennials think that the sandwiches served in cafés are too “samey”, and want innovative tastes and unique ingredients


Consumers today are willing to pay more for premium sandwiches, where the bread plays a key role in the experience


It is important to be constantly on the lookout for new tastes and combinations that your customers cannot find anywhere else

More variation in the tastes!

There is no reason why a sandwich should ever be dull, as there is no end to the ways you can vary both the bread and the fillings.

Here are some thoughts on which ingredients are considered “mainstream” and which ones are gaining ground.


“MAINSTREAM”: Ham, Salami, Chicken, Tuna

“POPULAR”: Pulled Pork, Crab, Shrimp, Parma ham

“MOVING UP”: Capocollo (air-cured pork cold cut), Spreads, Nut and seed butter, Tofu

“THE LATEST FAD”: Coppa, Tempeh, Flank steak, Game


“MAINSTREAM”: Cheddar, Mozzarella, Gouda, Brie

“POPULAR”: Gruyère, Västerbotten cheese, Parmesan Blue-veined

“MOVING UP”: Muenster, Havarti, Halloumi, Chèvre

“THE LATEST FAD”: Taleggio, Manchego, Cream cheese

Sauses / Dressings

“MAINSTREAM”: Pesto, Ranch, BBQ, Chipotle

“POPULAR”: Hummus, Sriracha, Guacamole, Balsamic

“MOVING UP”: Bourbon/ Whisky, Mushroom, Fried cabbage, Beetroot, Pickled

“THE LATEST FAD”: Chutney, Harissa, Chimichurri, Korean BBQ