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Since health and nutrition  matter to consumers, they are willing to pay more.

Contious research investments in grain and cleaner recipes, allows us to offer an extensive range that caters for all the latest health trends and needs. And we are global enough to match any specific local needs.

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Nutritional experts

Contact us if you are looking for an advice from nutritional experts regarding product, solution or menu. 

We have a strong background in cereal research, which we have done for decades as we are part of Lantmannen family and owned by Swedish farmers.

Lantma╠łnnen funds food-related research with 2,5m EUR every year

Examples of research:

  • Discovering health benefits of cereal food, processing techniques and new ingredients.
  • Supporting your customers’ healthy lifestyle by offering products containing all the goodness of wholegrains and fibre.
  • Participating in national and international initiatives dedicated to improving consumers’ health whenever, and wherever, we can.
  • Helping consumers reduce their salt intake to a healthier level

Learn more about our research projects with Lantmännen:

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